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January 7, 2013
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School AU: Willow 'Wisp' Hauntington by AskSpiritPrincess School AU: Willow 'Wisp' Hauntington by AskSpiritPrincess

((you know... I use to wear my hair in big old pigtales my first couple years of highschool... XD))


Willow 'Wisp' Hauntington


Sophomore (15-16 yrs.)

- A notepad: Wisp always has to have one on her in case she wants to write down something interesting
- Her phone: It may not be the fanciest thing but it works and that's all that matters to her. Plus she can hang her little ghost charm from it.
- Her wallet: Always good to have some spare cash on hand. It has a little ghost on it.
- Occult Books: She always has some sort of book on the occult and paranormal.


5' 3"

Part-time Job:
Works in a novelty store, Spiritomes, that sells occult and paranormal items. Candles, ghost hunting stuff, charms and "magical" items, spell books, and just about anything weird and creepy.

The first impression Wisp leaves truly depends on where one meets her. Within the company of her family she must behave in a very proper manner, due to her father's wishes. In such occasions she is soft spoken, polite and speaks in a sophisticated manner. Occasionally, if she believes her father isn't watching, she laxes back into her true persona with is more along the lines of a somewhat lazy but excitable nerd.

Away from the watchful eyes of her father, Wisp truly shines as her own being. She's free spirited and loves to study anything that seems weird or unnatural. She loves to pull a good prank on others, always finding amusement in the look of shock or surprise on her target's face. When she's fully invested in an idea she becomes rather excited about it, and driven to see it through to the end.

Over all she had a pretty stable temperament. That's not to say she doesn't get upset or angry, but more that her moods tend to change normally rather than in rapid swings. But if angered, she will not hesitate to speak her mind and/or seek vengeance on the source.

Generally speaking, Wisp is a free spirit that is sometimes restricted by her family. However she is a fun loving type, a little nerdy and really just wants to be herself.

Ever since she was young, Wisp has always been able to get whatever she wanted, even if she really doesn't like that fact. Her father is a very wealthy business man in the security industry. And the family business is known for inventions in home and work security devices. There are also a lot of rumors that the man may be involved with some underground markets as well. So money has never been a problem. And thus she was raised in a fancy and sophisticated home.

However this never sat well with her. Her father, constantly busy, often left her in the care of the family butler. Sadly her mother passed not long after she was born, so Wisp never really bonded to her parents. Playtime, story time, being cared for when she was ill, all jobs that fell on the staff of the family manor.

She didn't make many childhood friends. Some kids thought hanging out with her could be dangerous, with her father's business rumors. And others just found her to be the typical nerd. And of course, being from such a well off home, some were just jealous and figured Wisp thought she was better than others. Which was far from the truth but it was easier to be quiet and read than try to prove otherwise.

When she wasn't in school, she was at home being tended to, whether she wanted the attention or not. It was her father's wish that she would be trained as a refined young lady, as someone of their status should be. So she was taught strict manners, basic piano for entertaining, how to waltz so she could appeal at gatherings, and other high class society norms. The more she was pushed the more she tried to fight away from being "molded" into a perfect lady.

Thus her home life is complicated. She always is in arguments with her father. Being at school she feels like she finally has some freedom. But it's not unheard of for her butler to appear with "care packages", usually things she doesn't want, like gadgets that are the newest of the new. In fact she's been known to just give things away if it means not having to look like she's privileged.

Being at the school has proved to help distance her a bit from the life style she wants to avoid. She really just wants to be like everyone else.

Night time, Strange and unusual things, Studying, Good dance music, Pranking others, Good senses of humor

Being woken up, Having to be proper, Boring political meetings/galas/parties, Overly serious types, Silence

-Home Economics

N/A for now ((she'd love a comic book club))

Sports Teams:
N/A for now

((-sets nerd free into the world-))
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((Awesome!! let me just submit this to the group! ; v ; ))
((woop! I feel special!))
TheGreatWarrior Jan 7, 2013  Student General Artist
((Another sophomore! Q u Q ))

AU Kenny: *sitting on a bench, playing his 3DS*
(lol well since she had a fall birthday, that means she didn't get to start kindergarten right away. so it made since to make her a 16 year old sophomore.))

AU Wisp: Whatcha playing?
TheGreatWarrior Jan 7, 2013  Student General Artist
((Kenny was born August 17th, so he's able to be a junior, but wasn't put in Kindergarden later than most, so yeah, softmore~))

AU Kenny: *looks up* Oh uhhh, Kid Icarus: Uprising, it's a very cool game.
Now I think I have to kinda join I think I have to do this now probably.]]
((lol yes... join us. I couldn't take it after seeing so many appear.))
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